Requested Fgd/mapping Fixes For Next Version Of Ns



  • AkalamanaiaAkalamanaia Join Date: 2003-01-04 Member: 11833Members
    edited June 2003
    What about adding NS Monster Entities ?

    Monster_Skulk and etc,then the buildings like

    Monster_Defense_Chamber,these could be useful to make maps with premade bases.Also add support for locking certain weapons/teches/classes out so mapper got free choice HOW his/her map should be played.ALso add new spawnflags:Kharaa and TSA,it defines the side of monster.That way we can have premade bases,and are team specific.
  • Lt_GravityLt_Gravity Join Date: 2003-04-28 Member: 15909Members
    I dont know if you all think that this would be a good idea but...

    nice thing also would be a "capture the item" like entity, that you have to take to a certain point in the map to trigger an event. possible setting would be a crashed ship. your mission is to collect some parts for the repair that can be found in a nearby base. funny thing would be that you also could trigger doors with it. you get an id-card that opens doors but only one marine carry it. maybe the "opening code" has to be refreshed after every single openend door.

    I would like ns take a direction that leads away from the "kill all marines and ip´s to win / kill all aliens and hives"-style because it gets kinda boring with the time. some alternate possibilities should given to the mapper. I know this is not what the ns team wants because of the playability for younger persons but since hl/cs is a game rated for I think (US) 15 years (?could that be) and europe 16 (germany 18, wah!) its not a game for kiddies. so ns shouldnt get the style of the "too simple" gameplay.
    there should be more possibillities to force teamplay on maps. this would also bring the cineastic aspect forward.
  • OneEyedOneEyed Join Date: 2003-03-14 Member: 14493Members
    I would like for there to be entities that affect only the team you set it to. For instance, trigger_push, trigger_hurt, trigger_teleport, or if possible make trigger_presence run the trigger for ONLY the specified team. So this way we could do forcefields that slowly kill some aliens or i dont know, just some creative ideas. I just want team specified entities for better creativity.

    Also maybe if trigger_hurt could have a flag to allow to kill buildings.
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