Farewell Everyone!

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Randomly jumped in here earlier this month and saw the closing notice. Offtopic is gone, but I figure I may as well drop this here.

I joined the forum back when I was in middle school and now I'm far past getting my degree and enjoying my current job.

Good memories hopping around in the NSTR waiting for the first release of NS1 to come out. Waiting in fileplanet queues to download updates. Racing as Skulks in the Flaytona while Charlie did commentary. Browsing readyroom and planethalflife waiting for new updates to drop.

Thanks Monse for running rr.org
Thanks KFS for getting me into game design
Thanks Fam for getting me into graphic design
Thanks Mart for letting me kill you that one time in buzzybots
Thanks Comprox, Scythe, Cynaide, Insane & the rest of the mods for modding
Thanks PJ & TychoCelchuuu for stuff, idk I still randomly see them online elsewhere
Thanks Flayra for the community and games ^^

Cya folks ?


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