Subnautica and Below Zero Post-Launch Development Priorities Update - Subnautica

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imageSubnautica and Below Zero Post-Launch Development Priorities Update - Subnautica

Hi Subnauts! It has been a couple of weeks since we last posted to our blog about the issues we’re focused on quickly resolving post-launch. We wanted to give you...

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  • KadenHaysKadenHays Join Date: 2021-01-13 Member: 266812Members
    We have it good on Xbox.
  • PingwinSpawacz1PingwinSpawacz1 Join Date: 2021-06-11 Member: 271254Members
    When can we expect Polish language?
  • SymmetryOf6sSymmetryOf6s México Join Date: 2021-06-11 Member: 271256Members
    edited June 2021
    SUBNAUTICA's switch version still crashes when we load a file while inside the prawn suit.
    Please fix problem.
  • alkhazaralkhazar Join Date: 2021-05-28 Member: 270797Members
    edited June 2021
    What about the issue on switch where vehicle cannot be entered again and, more in general, objects cannot be interacted with?
  • simprosimpro Join Date: 2021-05-21 Member: 270475Members
    On Switch, Saving frequently leads to crashes as well. Over and over again, not just once. Especially around base. Interacting with things in/near the base also regularly leads to crashes. When I hang around base for more than 5 minutes and just do stuff, crashes are basically guaranteed.
  • Kristian320Kristian320 Poland Join Date: 2021-06-15 Member: 271342Members
    Im playing on PS4 and there is a glitch that when i leave the game (with or without saving) my prawn upgrade menu is blank and then if i leave the game with saving after its blank it gets normal but i dont have any upgrades it happens EVERY time i even made a new save file and still no
  • SkyFire2001SkyFire2001 Tidewater, VA Join Date: 2020-09-10 Member: 263892Members
    edited June 2021
    For the PS4...Get RID of the dammed Seatruck, and bring back the Cyclops and Seamoth subs. They were perfectly fine with the cameras for manuvering, instead of this slow, cramped piece of crap! Also, I can not collect the older plants from the previous game. Also there is no story in creative mode like there was with the previous game. The vista's are beautiful, but please fix all of this!
  • StarFishieStarFishie Join Date: 2021-06-16 Member: 271360Members
    Excessive lag the more compartments you place.
    I decided to build a leviathan petting zoo. Built a 18x18x18 cage. 1500+ compartments later… 19 second lag after each new piece is placed.
    Ok so it’s a lot of items but it’s annoying that the lag slowly increases even building small bases.
  • GerbertronGerbertron Join Date: 2021-06-16 Member: 271363Members
    Ps4- the more progress I make the longer the loading when I start the game. Started at one minute now up to three to four minutes.
    Beached vehicles, get glitched into the game, and can't recover them.
    Lags when saving. Or quickly leaves habitats.
    Slow load up on some environment pieces: wreaks, floating islands, and alien bases.
  • SmokeDrSpecialSmokeDrSpecial Join Date: 2019-01-30 Member: 249660Members
    edited June 2021
    When can we expect Hungary language? (Xbox Series x)
  • p1rup1ru Compton ca Join Date: 2021-06-18 Member: 271395Members
    On my ps5 When loading a new area my game crashes happens about 1 out of every 20 new area loads. Has me saving every 5 minutes
  • frankenmousefrankenmouse Join Date: 2021-06-20 Member: 271421Members
    Just a few minutes on the SnowFox made me have to stop and literally lie down to wait for the nausea and cold sweats to stop. Probably sone of the worst motion sickness I’ve ever had outside of airplane turbulence.

    Which is a HUGE bummer. I loved Sub 1 and Below Zero has been a lot of fun thus far. It sucks that the SnowFox handles the way it does. Guess I need to just make myself a cold suit and wait until I can access the Prawn.

    This is a major accessibility issue and I’m disappointed that the more I looked into it, the more I realized the devs have been ignoring this feedback since the beta. Especially since VR/video game sickness is a well known issue that disproportionately affects women (about 22% of women have severe VR sickness compared to only about 7% of men).
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