Dead Zone Creation

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So we all know this place called the Dead Zone, but im still not clear on how it was made. something with a crater and mass extinction? is that how the ghost leviathans appeared there too? for all of you that dont know where the Dead Zone is, its the map border, where ghost leviathans live so that you dont pass, although its linked with the story somehow. Also it goes as deep as u can survive.


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    The Aurora crashed on the edge of a dormant aquatic volcano. The ecosystem within the crater flourished, but everything surrounding the crater isn't suitable to sustain life beyond microscopic organisms, and leviathans. But if it can't sustain life, how do the leviathans live there? They presumably sustain themselves by eating anything that ventures into the ecological dead zone, which is why they are so large.
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    finally, some animal that isnt as fat as me, anyways, the thing is, they are born from eggs, which means somehow they were there before too. but the thing is, how could generations upon generations survive???
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