Unable to get achievements?

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Thank you for checking out my question; your insight is much appreciated.

Recently my Wi-Fi went out for a couple days (new router was dumb haha), and during that time I figured it would be a great time to continue my BZ save. I got a few achievements the week prior on this save, and now heard that any achievements I got while playing offline (from Steam) would update and give them to me once I got back online. When I got back online, I booted up my save, played for a few minutes, then logged off to see if my achievements would load (I Googled and saw that I should have a few more now since I played a good bit while offline from Steam). Sadly, I was given no achievements...
A couple guys from the Discord asked if I had used the command console in this save. I was stuck a couple times, so I had to use the console *only* to use the ghost command and relocate a couple feet away from where I was absolutely stuck. Cheating is for dumbos lol. I'm an achievement hunter so I would hate myself for using any cheat. It hurt a little to use even this command since I was actually stuck. Somehow I got through the first Subnautica without getting stuck, so I had never used this command console before.

Is my save done for since I used the command console? Do I need to restart to get the achievements? Please share your insight.

Thanks again!


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    Last I heard, achievements were only disabled until you exit Subnautica.
    Subnautica stuff:
    Official Subnautica discord chat: https://discord.gg/subnautica
    For updates on Console progress for both Subnautica and Below Zero, check the favro page, here.
    How to clear your Cache, by 0x6A7232.
    How to use console commands.
    Stuck, and just want to most recent base/Cyclops? Use "Warpme" command. Want to get out of the ceiling? Press F1 and note your camera postion. First number is North/South, second number is up/down, and third is East/West. Reduce the 2nd number by 10, then use "warp x y z" (where x, y, and z are the position you want to be).
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    I'm on PS5 and I once noticed that my oxygen/water/food bars aren't going down, like I had infinite supplies. I didn't use cheats, saved and restarted the game (everything went back to normal). I actually now finished the game and I didn't get last 4 trophies, including Platinum. I saved just before entering and launching the rocket. I've tried ending the game so many times now it's frustrating. I'm so angry... I've played 40h and can't get my platinum trophy...
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