Idea to make Docking Module obsolete

SuthaiSuthai Thailand Join Date: 2021-05-29 Member: 270825Members
No disrespect to the Devs, but I really think the docking module is useless. It only serves to eject the Prawn Suit. Unless you can automate the Prawn Suit to do stuff, that eject function is also useless. The fact that you already have to get out of your Seatruck anyways to get into the Prawn Suit behind it makes me wonder what the docking module interior is even for. The module doesn't even charge the Prawn Suit, nor make the storage accessible while in the seatruck. So why?

My first thought of the docking module was that you can transfer into the Prawn Suit while inside the Seatruck. Since it is required to be attached as the last module from behind, being able to access it without having to exit the Seatruck or modules at all sounds logical, and even cooler. It would have also been nice if the Prawn Suit Storage could also be accessible from the module.

So in the future perhaps we can scrap the Docking Module altogether. Maybe an upgrade to the Seatruck could just dock the Prawn Suit from behind; piggy-back style. That way, the pilot could switch to the Prawn Suit and detach from the Seatruck all in one motion. When the Prawn Suit docks back up, the pilot can then switched back to pilot the Seatruck, all never leaving either vehicle. If you do end up running with multiple modules, the last module would still be able to dock the Prawn Suit, and you can still swap in and out of it.

Alternatively, you could make sort-of a mini-moonpool-module for the Prawn Suit. That way, you can access the storage and the hatch. A bit far-fetched I know.

Wadaya think guys? Too much to ask for?


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