Seaglider-Snowfox Hybrid?

SuthaiSuthai Thailand Join Date: 2021-05-29 Member: 270825Members
I was looking at pictures of the Snowfox, and it got me thinking: Can’t the Snowfox and Seaglider be one vehicle?

The fact that you can pack and unpack the snowfox means its portable enough as a Seaglider. If the um… “hover-modules” can be retracted, it should be able to serve both in sea and on land. The Snowfox is obviously light enough to be carried around and “should be” light enough to hover over water, as well as speed through land while carrying an adult. So adding turbo-fins in the center to function as a seaglider should be feasible.

I would love to be able to jump the snowfox out of land and into the sea, then watch it retract into a Seaglider, at the same time, being able to jump out of the sea onto land and have it transform right under you…all while you’re still on it. Oh come on, I can construct monumental buildings from thin air, but I can't have a scooter materialize on the spot? Also, transforming the Seaglider into a Snowfox while underwater could function like an Air Bladder.

You could start with a seaglider which takes up 4 slots, then be able to upgrade it into a hybrid which then takes up 9 slots. These upgrades are removable depending on your needs and inventory slots needed. This could render the hoverpad useless. Well, it kinda feels like it is IMO. Perhaps an indoor hoverpad might give it more purpose. Be able to see your baby on display instead of having to grab it outside every time, or having to build multiple pads on the surface.

Lastly, I would love to be able to equip the Hybrid on land like how a seaglider is equipped on sea. No need to drop in on the ground and hop on. It just unpacks under you and you’re on it. And when you unequip the Hybrid, it just unpacks straight into your inventory, just like the seaglider.

What do you guys think? Too much to ask?


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