Subnautica 2.5? 3?

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got an idea.
you're part of a smuggling/drug/slavery syndicate.
the guys you work with are super cool and friendly, but.. they have all the information on your family, and you chose to get involved and theres no quitting.
they want you to setup some basic infrastructure in some water planet because apparently alterra might have something finanically exploitable, and we wanna know what.

while you're at it, dispose of some extra 'rubbish', which turns out to be your predecessor, shot in the head, riddled with green pustules (not that you know what it is)

'dude you killed him', 'yeh look things got real complicated, I'm sorry to dump this on you, but you know, alien planet, nobody will find him. look, I know this isnt cool, but do it for your family. Keira, the kids.. you know Alice's birthday is coming up. I'll send some guys around with cake. Just get this done and we can pretend it never happened ok? we'll look after you'

with him dumped at the ocean floor, you set about basic base construction with your crappy knock-off tools in the required locations, staying away from alterra automated security.
But things start going haywire.
lots of panicked chat on alterra comms, the sealife becomes really aggressive and there is a massive explosion at the alterra base and suddenly you are alone.

your guys wont answer comms. the alterra guys have left. the sealife is mental and everything seems to be getting sick...


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    This is a great idea! And if you don't me adding on to it... you didn't mean to open the bag, but you did out of curiosity, and it was your boss after all. Lastly, as a side mission, after building around a bit, you needed to find your boss's body because you realized, later on, he had something embedded in him. So you go about underwater trying to find the body you dumped.
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