Subnautica Xbox One and Series SX save incompatibility

realjammerrealjammer Join Date: 2021-05-20 Member: 270428Members
So I saw this discussion already on another thread regarding the PS4 and 5 versions of the game so I thought I’d try and get a similar discussion going in regards to the Xbox version of the game.

My experience is that the two games are different change sets and the saves are incompatible from one generation to the other. This isn’t an issue with other games that have gotten Series SX updates so I am hoping that this is something that will be addressed. However I can’t seem to find any discussion of this phenomenon or any acknowledgement that it is a big or that anything is being done about this.

As well, since this is an older game I am thinking most people experiencing this issue from a point of view not being able to play their old saves on the new update, but for me it’s a different problem. I have my old Xbox One X up in my bedroom whereas the new Series X is in the living room. I often finish up playing and move downstairs and move upstairs, so if I can’t play the same save on both systems I think it will be a fairly large detriment to me really getting into this game.

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