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Tombro339Tombro339 Poland Join Date: 2021-05-17 Member: 270246Members
You have done Subnautica on Xbox Game Pass for PC and XBOX SERIES X|S. So why you not do the same with Subnautica Below Zero?
Zrobiliście Subnauticę na Xbox Game Pass na PC i XBOX SERIES X|S. Więc czemu nie zrobicie tego samego z Subnauticą Below Zero?


  • IwantsubbztogamepasIwantsubbztogamepas Join Date: 2021-05-20 Member: 270427Members
    I hava the same idea and i agree with that,and so much people waited for subBZ for consoles and why not have subBZ in game pass to pc, xboxS|X and play plus (i think that is a ps game pass) to play station 4, 5
  • Gordon_FreeemanGordon_Freeeman City 17 Join Date: 2021-05-27 Member: 270720Members
    Game's too fresh to be bundled into Game Pass. I guess it's way more profitable to sell the game first for full price, and only add it to Game Pass once sales have dropped to a certain threshold.
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