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Overall I love the game. I loved the first one, and this is a great addition to the series. The only real piece of the puzzle thats missing is multiplayer. If I could host, or pay for a hosted service to play with 2-4 friends, that would make this game a masterpiece. I hope future iterations add this feature, I know a lot of poeple want it, and have been asking for it since the first Subnautica game.

General feedback/suggestions/irritations:
- Nothing at all indicating what your main objective/goal is. I shouldn't have to disect reddit posts to figure out where I'm supposed to go. I never seemed to have this issue in the original. I get that this is a survival/exploration game... But some kind of UI element that says 'find omega base', 'use the stupid penguin in this remote obscure cave', or 'disable the radio tower' would be really great.
- No story waypoints beyond delta base. With the exception of AL-AN waypoints, the game gives you nothing. That includes the ULTRA HARD TO FIND AL-AN body components. Users shouldn't have to search Youtube to find these things. Maybe i'm just a filthy casual, but holy hell, even with the use of Youtube these things were extremely difficult for me to find.
- The issue with all of the PDA voice acting being missing... How did this game pass through FQA like this? This should not have been released without the voices. It severly decreased my over all experience with the game. This was very dissapointing for me.
- The prawn suit is completely pointless. Nothing in the game requires it, and as a result, all of the attachments and tools for it are equally useless. I'm not advocating making end game resources more difficult to acquire, but needing it for some element of the story would be pretty cool to me. Similar to the sub in the first game. The only useful tech in the game is pressure suit, cold suit, sea truck, mk3 dive module (sea truck). Everything else can be ignored.
- Unable to pull things off walls if there is a glass wall. This is irritating. I shouldn't have to deconstruct my glass wall, just to remove a poster.
- Give me a way to auto-drive and auto-exit the sea truck when I have the storage module attachment. Like press and hold the enter/leave button to get into the drivers seat immediately / exit into the water.
- Give me a bigger hitbox on entering the sea truck. Its a tiny little square, and some times you are in a real friggin hurry to get back in. Fighting the tiny hitbox can be frustrating. Even when its parked in a moon pool it can be frustrating to get the right spot.
- Getting resources off of in-door plants can be extremely difficult on console. PLEASE MAKE PETES PLANT NOT IRRITATING AS ALL HELL TO GET THE PODS.
- And my biggest pet peeve... Entrances to pressurized compartments should NOT be on top, or the side... They should be on the bottom. Entering my base, or the sea truck through a side/top door is SOOOO dumb.

I know thats a lot of griping... But I really did enjoy the game... I just think it could have use some UX love before being officially released.


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    the prawn suit was not useless. If you are into major base construction drill arm is very valuable and you can actually fight the creatures with it if that is your thing and I found it far better then snow fox on land (snow fox is almost worthless because of that)

    and I got the PDA voice acting

    other than that I agree,

    to expand on clear objectives I think to make objectives more explicate there could be a separate entry in the PDA database that can be pinned like the recipes, like make a top entry for objectives (don't bury it in the logs and have sub categories for Al-An and Sam plotlines. adding waypoints takes away from the exploration but more clarity would be nice. and add some consideration if players do take the story out of order.
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    1. I agree with you. You could just sit there building and gathering, without knowing what to do next. The fact that you have to keep exploring and "by chance" hit a story mark can be difficult. I have a policy of 2 hours of exploring, if I find squat, I go to youtube. ALAN prompting a waypoint after an hour is a nice touch, and should have been used more.

    2. Agreed as said on your first point.

    3. I actually wanted the PDA to describe everything thing on the research and scanned elements. Having to read through so much content made me disinterest with the descriptions of most of the game. The voice acting can't be too hard right?

    4. The Prawn Suit felt more like an option for traversal rather than a necessity like in Part One. But it does serve as a vehicle of convenience when mining is required. But yes, you don't really need it to finish the game.

    5. The very fact that you can't move furniture at all seems like a weird design choice. Having to deconstruct and reconstruct just cuz an angle is not right also drives me crazy.

    6. Yes, at first I thought holding the E button on PC would let you exit the seatruck automatically. Truth was, I was in a steep angle is all. Yes it is annoying that entering the Seatruck and having to select the seat again is annoying. Would have been better if you enter a module, you can walk around, but if you enter the front hatch where the seatruck is, you automatically pilot it

    7. I can see how this can be annoying with a controller. Agree.

    8. Even on PC it is also very difficult to pick up the damn fruit. And its my favorite fruit!!!

    9. This one is a doozy because you are asking for accuracy when it comes to physics. Even if hatches were on the bottom, the fact that there is no airlock would flood the Seatruck or the Cabin right away due to high pressure. Immersion and accuracies aren't the game's strong suit actually. The fact that you don't freeze underwater, but could on land is one example.

    All great suggestions BTW!
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    I concur with the plot issues. Having seen bits and pieces of it's development on PC to how it is now. It's plain where careful thought of people with professional pride changed to the usual "that will do" attitude of people who have been promoted beyond their abilities. As such plenty of the game got ruined.

    The arc should have been outpost zero, delta, magritte, omega, delta, magritte, phi

    However it is very easy to bypass zero, omega, phi entirely.

    You shouldn't be able to complete the game without finding out the true and proper story of what happened to Sam. As it is, Sam is a side quest rather than a dual agenda.

    The alterra map should have been more readily available and not squirrelled away in the notes section. It's part of the story.

    The alien artifacts are another annoyance. Work went into creating them and yet majority of the time you'll be stumbling across them when lost rather than directed to them. There's no alert other than occasional beacons that you're near them. You could play the whole game through and not know there was an artifact on delta island. Nor does the interface change to tell you that you've already been to it. Neither is there really any reason to go looking for them.

    Xbox, playstation, steam all have achievements systems in them. Yet this wasn't used to make people find them or the jukebox discs. Making a jukebox achievement isn't enough. That should have been expanded to "make a jukebox, find the 8 discs and play them".

    No thought has been placed into the location of resources. E.g. magnetite which is a mid game resource and yet is only found and sparsely in the end game biomes. E.g. diamond placed well beyond initial game dive depth yet is critical to progress to mid game.

    What was good about subnautica was that each zone had a purpose as well as resources to it that let you progress properly to the next stage of the game. So much work went into the above ground areas. Yet you can miss them entirely unless you want to explore them. Even then there isn't a purpose to them other than worms and stalkers.
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