Does anybody have a tasklist in order of what to do in below zero? Thanks in advance.

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I'm Stuck On What to do after getting the seatruck, What do I do Next?


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    Yeah man. Below Zero has some real 'golden path' issues. I am constantly finding myself with no clear goal.
    Since I don't know where you are at in the game, and assuming you don't want spoilers...

    I would advise going to the surface from your drop pod, and looking for a clear land mark of technology.
    There you can find a map for your PDA. You can use that as a general guide of the places you need to visit.

    I found this site very useful, they black out spoilers but give you some good info on where to go and what to look for.
    (i can't post links... so you'll have to edit this to make it work)

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    Woah, there is an ingame map for the pda? Where?
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