PS5 game crashing at glacial bases

Charger1971Charger1971 Join Date: 2021-05-18 Member: 270311Members
At this point I've invested over 20 hours into the game and have experienced few glitches but tons of crashes.

For the most part, the crashes aren't random. The three consistent but minor ones for example are if I'm at the lilypad biome and I try to go to the east side of delta base, the game will crash. Or if I'm at the lilypad biome and I try to go towards the life pod through the purple vents, the game will crash (but doing the opposite works fine, oddly enough). The last being if I'm at the life pod and try to go north along the glacial wall, the game will crash. These aren't game breaking and I have found routes to avoid them, but it's annoying.

But thats not the worst of it. The worst has to due with the alterra glacial bases, specifically phi robotics and outpost zero. You can't go anywhere near these bases without the game crashing. You can't go through the portal to try and get into phi robotics either. This completely ruins the game and the experience. You miss out on a bunch of story lore, including the leviathan and Sam's story, and a bunch of blueprints as well, such as the snow fox and snow suit.

It makes me believe that the devs didn't bother play testing their own game on the PS5 prior to release, because many other ps5 players are experiencing the same issue and if the devs actually play tested it, it wouldn't take them much to discover how broken it is.

And the most disappointing thing out of all of this is, that despite how annoying it is to miss out on the lore, it surprisingly doesn't matter. Without spoiling too much, I was able to use the prawn suit to carefully jump around and avoid getting to close to outpost zero, and was able to get to the final area and beat the game, meaning that phi robotics, the leviathan, and Sam's story had no bearing on the game and isn't even a requirement to beat it. I know it's not big related, and it's a completely different conversation but its just disappointing.


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    Follow up to this issue - on standard subnautica the screen horizontally tears on high FPS mode. I can’t find a way to post a new topic (mobile) so just piggybacking off of this.
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    I'm literally stuck in phi robotics, it crashed from coming in the door (was fine when I first entered as part of the story) I have auto cloud save on for Somereason I warped in from the gate I cant exit the door without it crashing and it crashes as I go back out the warpgate I literally cannot do anything, I'm stuck in the lab ???????
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    I guess I am lucky then, I experienced crashes around Phi robotics and outpost zero, however they were not systematic (I could eventually explore those areas after reloading).
    That does not help you much though.
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    This game has been crashing on me multiple times per day on PS5, which has led to me often saving. I played for a good while before it started, so I just assume it is something I did along the way that isn't playing nice. As things are, sometimes I get lost in the game and just forget. It's so frustrating! This game crashes so much!
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    Saving regularly didn't protect me. On PS5 I just lost an entire days worth of gameplay during a crash on save. I must have saved over 50 times during the day but the one that loaded was from this morning, not any of my most recent saves. No idea how that works. I can't continue playing if I can't trust the save system.
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