(Spoilers) Below Zero: Why did Alterra leave?

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Disclaimer: I haven't read all PDA entries but I listened to the voiceovers.

Can someone please explain to me, why Alterra withdrew everyone fro 4546B and didn't come back?
I played Below Zero a lot but I never understood, why Marguerit is the only other human on the planet. As far as I understand it, most employees survived, the bases could be repaired quite easily and the bacteria in the frozen leviathan should be a pretty strong incentive to keep people on the planet. After the incident an investigator was sent to the planet, but after that everyone just left. That makes no sense to me.


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    I was also wondering about this, If it wasn't because of the meteor storm at the start of the game, I assumed everyone was evacuated due to recent suspicious activity (The underwater lab being attacked and then the explosion/deaths at the frozen leviathan site) but then I find it strange that they just leave the infected leviathan exposed like that and additionally there were PDAs earlier on that described employees being killed from ice worms while exploring the surface which Alterra didn't really seemed too fussed about.

    I wonder if Alterra (after the recent attacks) just took whatever samples they needed and ended up just taking the Kharaa virus back with them to experiment on?
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    yes, alterra dosent really care for employees. so the chances are your right.
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