Please make NS2 open source

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Hi guys,

i don't know how this could be happen because of the engine of course. But, i guess NS2 is using a very early version of the spark engine which is used by Subnautica too (am i right?). No offense, but it sucks at some points :D and Subnautica is a huge success, so i believe the engine don't has the same issues in that game. So please, make NS2 Open Source, with some decent marketing, this could be a win win, no? :)

Vote for this guys!!!!! Let the Gorges free!!!! Lerk's fly hoome! :D


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    Subnautica uses Unity. I agree that opensourcing the game would grant it immortality. At least making a public GitHub repo with the Lua part (the game logic which is already available in plain text to every player) and doing all the development openly would be nice. We'd have a public bugtracker, pull requests and all that usual stuff. I understand that community management is a big task but there could be volunteers who might want to do the job.

    There are various successful stories of the games that went open source and were improved tremendously over the years, like Doom, Quake, Warzone 2100 and tools like Blender.
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    If you open-source NS2, I'll devote time to write a Vulkan renderer and restore the Linux port to its former glory.
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