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These are some of my suggestions for Subnautica.

Custom time duration. Let payers set the 1-hour time duration for the game. Sometimes I want the day to last longer.

Weather conditions. Since Subnautica has a tropic climate, it is expected to see all kinds of weather conditions.

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    Maybe it's been mentioned before, but in BZ some kind of defensive upgrades to the Seatruck would be most welcome. The Cyclops had decoys and the EM zap field, having at least one of those available to install on the Seatruck would be great.
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    1.I think there should be a room in your base where you can turn the electricity or shut doors in the base

    2. Online multiplayer

    3. A Moonpool to dock your Cyclopes
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    I doubt they are adding any more features to Below Zero, and Subnautica is done except for performance and bugfixing. These features may be added in later games.

    However, PC players have mods to add many of these requested features, on I'm most excited to try the Cyclops dock.
    Subnautica stuff:
    Official Subnautica discord chat:
    For updates on Console progress for both Subnautica and Below Zero, check the favro page, here.
    How to clear your Cache, by 0x6A7232.
    How to use console commands.
    Stuck, and just want to most recent base/Cyclops? Use "Warpme" command. Want to get out of the ceiling? Press F1 and note your camera postion. First number is North/South, second number is up/down, and third is East/West. Reduce the 2nd number by 10, then use "warp x y z" (where x, y, and z are the position you want to be).
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    I have close to 1500 hours played in Below Zero now, so I can say what with some experience, what Below Zero is missing and should be considered added to the game. 1. Koppa Mining Site, is a major facility, yet there are no habitats for an office, break room, resource storage, parts storage and power generation. A base that big would need a nuclear reactor, the thermal reactors won't cut it. There should also be a PDA, in the site, telling players, WHY, Alterra bugged out and left everything. 2. Margereit needs a Cyclops, she would be the only one with the blueprints to build one and it would be what she uses to take herself and the Snow Stalker Preston, from her base, to the greenhouse and back. The PRAWN suit won't do it. If she had a Sea Truck, she has no Moon Pool to park it in. 3. Have Sea Truck upgrades found in more than 2 Sea Monkey Nests each. 4. Please have more than 2 of some of the creature eggs available to find. 5. Add a new module, to the Sea Truck, a Scanner Module. You walk back, set it to scan for an item, and as you either drive around, or just sit in one spot, it will search for said item. Module would have max range of 300m and need it's own power cels. No fabricator on board, it's just a scanner. 6. Adjust the Prawn Suit Storage Modules. Currently they cost 3 titanium and a lithium to make and hold 6 items. Not a good return on cost. I ask the cost go down to, 2 titanium and a lithium and size up to 9 items. 7. Storage Module, I suggest the large lockers be widen 1 row of slots, each. I think they are 3 wide now, that would make them 4 wide. length is fine. Rest of the lockers and bench, are fine.
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    Hi i justice startar planing subnautica and it is really fun but Whatsapp i hated the most abodt is that the options dore not include multiplayer i showed My friends the App and wanted to play with me ples make ab update for a multiplayer optima
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