P.R.A.W.N broken after seaworthy update

shakky89shakky89 NorwayMembers Join Date: 2020-02-20 Member: 258125Posts: 12 Fully active user
Hello hello. Just dipped into Below Zero again after the "Seaworthy" update. Love the voicelogs and all. Game has never looked better. Runs smooth.

BUT, the PRAWN is now broken. The new controls ruins the momentum you could build up earlier. It is now slow as dogshit because of it.
Before, you could use the grappling upgrade to build up speed and hover along in the open sea. Or just speed up your traversal on ground. It was hands down the fastest vehicle in both games.Now however, whenever you lift off the ground, the propulsion "stamina" bar takes over if you are holding space, shift or WASD. Decelerating you and then using the propulsion speed. You now have to expend that "stamina" before the aceleration from the grappling works. But then you can`t lift your mech, so its heavily handicapped.

The added maneuverability was not more necessary than the movement speed. If it`s a choice of either, i pick the speed to be honest. Maneuvering was never really difficult. Besides, i liked the clunky feel of the mechsuit when attempting to maneuver. To me it was immersive.


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