Physics of the sea disappears! Below zero.

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Faced a problem if you put a sailor with modules near the multifunctional room and dock, then you can enter the last (last) module into the multifunctional room.
After that, the character flies out of the sailor, but the physics remains as if on land. Breathing is the same as on land. I can't swim, only walk.
Buildings are usually slightly taller and cannot be climbed.
Death and reboot don't solve anything. The player appears in the sailor and immediately throws it out.
It is impossible to disassemble a building while the module is in the textures of the room (building).
The only solution in this situation is to build a room and go there. Then physics stops.
The modules can be pulled out manually.
Everything happened close to the starting capsule and I was able to enter it.
But if I did not have a construction module or I was thrown into a deep hole from where I could not get out. The game would be over.
Version desember 2020 - 39027
Сrab docking module stuck in the room.

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