subnautica needs a new thing

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ok so i tought about this and i wanna say subnautica needs a new thing even if it is just peepers with the enzyme have yellow dots


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    I think that subnautica could use a new tool, this is what I have been working on.r6d8xgzb8j7m.jpg
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    I agree! Could be just me who have missed something (I just started playing) but I would like to start off by saying: I tricking love the game! Many people compare it to No Man's sky - a game that I have played a LOT - but I say it's not really a fair comparison. No Man's sky is vast for sure but it lacks a few things that Subnautica has, namely a story line that is easy to grasp. The Subnautica dev team really managed to capture everything that is good in exploration/survival games and not include everything that is bad about them. So yes, Subnautica is in my opinion a really awesome adventure/survival game with great feel, great story, cool equipment and vehicles and I just love it! I'm especially impressed by the Cyclops sub and I actually moved into it completely. <3

    What I would like to see included in coming updates are the following:
    1. Holographic portable map in the PDA in which we can set our own waypoints. The scanner rooms map isn't easy to make out really.
    2. More vehicles such as a Hovercraft base, mini cyclops and camera drones that can pick up objects.
    3. Deployable automatic mining machines. Looking around at various textures in the game I can see spots that looks like ore veins. It would be cool if you could deploy a machine on those veins that could extract a few ores/day.
    4. Possibility to carry replacement O2 tanks that you could swap out when you're diving around. I had a normal tank and a high capacity tank with me and they both seemed to share oxygen.
    5. A refrigerator... Let's face it. Every survival game needs one. :P
    6. Extended backpack that could be built.
    7. Sonar scanner for the cyclops. Preferably a simplified one which can be triggered when piloting the craft and another more advanced one with detailed descriptions about spotted items that can be a standalone sonar station on the bridge. I was thinking on the opposite side of the light control station.

    Also, as a fellow musician I'd like to throw a mental high five to Simon Chylinski for great sound tracks. Well done mate!
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    wow thats a cool idea unknown worlds pls add something like that.
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