Subnautica what’s next?

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I’m making this thread because as below zero gets closer to release, I keep finding myself thinking “where does the franchise go from here” and so I wanted to both present my idea and and give the community a place to discuss their ideas for where they’d like to see the franchise go, anything from creatures to gameplay, to plot ideas. Let’s give the devs something to work with!

That being said this is my idea for what I’d like to see next on planet 4546B

Subnautica: Dark waters

An Altera research team has been sent to investigate a newly discovered precursor facility located in the void, unlike other facilities on the planet this one named “site omega” is practically a City protected from colossal leviathans in the Void by a large forcefield, it rapidly becomes apparent that this facility was designed in desperation by the precursors to manufacture new species in a hope to replicate the enzyme they were unable to extract from the emperor species, making the entire facility a sort of huge zoo of genetic anomalies. While working with your team to recover and study whatever alien technology was left behind, something cuts the power to the barrier leading to one of the colossal leviathans outside to damage the structure which rapidly begins flooding resulting in the manufactured leviathans escaping their tanks into the now flooded sections. You would either play a character on the surface trying to find a way to save the research team, in a more classical subnautica style of gameplay, or if the game were to lean more into the horror element you would be a member of the trapped team trying to find a way to the surface so you can call for help.


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    I think I have an idea and I know one and it's jungle themed and its called Subnautica: Welcome to the Jungle. I was thinking maybe half water based and half jungle based and maybe I'll keep it like that also I created a creature for this although its not colored so don't ask me to color this.
    I call this the Saber Camo Leviathan and I drew it on paper. The markings and sting point are green, the non markings are black, and the eyes are red as you can see at the top here.
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    so its about the a cuddle fish going deeper in a cave becouse of a blast from the neptune | rocket
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    I think Subnautica should continue to develop and evolve under the same name.
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    I have a simple but cool idea maybe for the next game it can be a combination of the subnautica map but older(more on that later) below zero after the ending and the other polar cap unknown worlds could choose what to do with that but the og subnautica map would have an old aurora that has sprung plant life and is now a centre for land life on 4546b and you could go to the other facilities and see the only operating facility is the power one since the the rest shut down (the sea emporer one could have shut down once she died) you can also find packs of cuddle fish around and the gun having also grown alot of greenery these areas like the aurora gun and underwater emperor facility could house new animals and there's also a place you can find a sunken neptune rocket pad with a crushed base underneath anyway that's as far as I got what do you think
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    Subnautica mobile, probably would be hard to implement but an idea. My second idea is subnautica: rewinded. You play as a precursor in the beginning of the karar. You get to watch as the virus eats away as the planet and help other researchers attempt to cure the virus. When all attemps are unsuccessful you attempt to modify yourself with warper tech and end up halting your ageing process and the process of the karar. Over time the warper tech begins to get into your head causing halucinations of the emperor leviathan and begining to actually hear it like in the base game. Not long after this starts the degasi show up who are hostile to you as they are scared of the robotic monster that you are. In the end the you eliminate thw degasi as They have been exposed and you being only half warper can not warp entity's. You tear apart the degasi and hide deep within the primary containment facility till a large shaking tremours through the planet. That was the aurora and over time you come to find the soul servivor of the base game. Fighting your warper tendancies you stay far away and obzerve from time to time but all the way you never forgot about finding a cure. As the emperor talks to the soul survivor you pick up the telepathic signatures and finally after all these years cure karar but not because of the emperor another option has come to light and further research shows the enzyme produced by the emperor babys is only a temporory fix that lasts 2-4 years then the virus comes back at an alarming rate of 500% the original spread rate. Your ending sequence to the game is reactivating the gun and shooting down a crafted ship you made full of the true cure to spread it across the vast oceans of the planet.
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    One more idea is subnautica:life you get to play out the lives of all your favorate creatures from birth to death. Death available in many different ways depending in creature choice and actions you make as said creature. Another though for subnautica life is make it an online game when you can come across other players as the various different creatures. Pvp will be enabled but if you traverse to far from your biome you will begin to slow down and become weaker. As you level you can evolve from one creature to a slightly larger one. Starting at peeper ending in emperor laviathan. If you wanted to you coukd even make a second subnautica life for sz or even any other ones released. Weither it be rewinded, caves, welcome to the jungle, or dark waters.
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    I think you could make a multiplayer mode
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    What about making it compatible with other VR headsets like HP reverb G2 ?
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    If a sequel is planned, I would love the main character to be part of a Xenobiologists team like Lillian Bench or Danielle Vaklenti. It would be fun completing missions in order to gather data or secure shipments, thus ensuring the smooth functioning of the operations. Despite exploring the ocean alone being a thrilling experience, I think It would be really cool growing bonds with PNJ.
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    Seems like many people have ideas for future games. If you would like you could check out mine in a post called Subnautica: Beyond
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