Save reverted after hours of gameplay (PC-Steam-BelowZero)

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Save seems to have reverted to earlier that night after playing for a few hours. Did not progress further in the story, was just working on a base. Does not seem to have kept the progress, but instead looks as though I just discovered the island. Can not recall whether it would show saved when I would save.

Build Version: 39027

Save linked at bottom of post. If you need more information, feel welcome to PM or post here.


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    ive had something similar, on xbox. I lost 3 real life hours worth of nearly beating the game.
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    Exactly the same issue. My prawn had stuck in the rocks near delta base island before save, after load started to behave even veirder (unable to move in it). I took upgrades and batteries from it, built a new one, play few hours building base exploring etc, saving every few mins, and day later game sees only this save in broken prawn. And on top of this, my character after leaving prawn lost abbility to swim (!) and keeps falling into the ocean floor to her death. So game is unplayable for me since this.

    steam version (Below Zero) on pc (unable to check the version because somehow it stopped working at all and keeps saying that it is already running (!) but the nevest one as in 21.02.2021
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