Subnautica Below zero Suggestions

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Here are some suggestions
Prawn suit should have more of a purpose, in the first game you needed the prawn suit to navigate through the lava zones but in this game the prawn suit never needs to be made
Maybe some new biomes or expansions of current biomed
Make the architect mini locations a little more important than it is currently
This game is great I have already beaten it but here are my most important ideas
Also can someone tell me where the parallel processing unit parts are it could not find it to save my life, I ended up spawning it in


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    erm... wrong forum? This is for Natural Selection 2
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    It's in the right spot now.
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    Honestly, have to agree. I feel like the only thing the prawn suit is for is just to get more supplies. It’s not necessary and I’ve nearly gotten to the end of what they have so far only with my seaglide and a base. It’s cool to have but definitely not necessary to the gameplay.
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    ^ Totally disagree. Prawn is brilliant for getting around safely most of the game, including land exploration. Equip two grappling arms and you can maneuver around so fast none of the leviathans can touch you.
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    I can see were you might think that the Prawn is useless, and I think it is probably a matter of taste. I looove the Prawn on the Glacial Basin biome (that one by the Robotics), it just cut through the absurd weather like it was nothing. I just wish you could look "up" with the Prawn. My Dad's tractor has a rear camera, but Altera just couldn't make it happen with the Prawn? Well, Altera needed to invent an entire room module just to turn off the lights in your base and they never managed to invent a map, so I shouldn't be surprised!
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    I think that snowmans in early acces should have random item , like one of them carry flaslight , other have rebreather and a o2 tank and they should drop at least snow or 1 of their items . AND BIG SHOT is we really need this to put faunas back to alien containment like grab them back . sadly we couldnt do this on our cuddly cuddlefished
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    Would be cool to expand on the base building on land, with such a large area available to build. I would love to see some land specific objects to construct. Walkways and gantries, like those already positioned around existing research bases. This can then be expanded further so you could construct your own docks for the seatruck and modules.
    With drilling/mining opportunities on land, I would also like to see a charging platform for the prawn suit, similar to the snowfox pad. Its a pain to keep swapping out power cells or diving to a moonpool and then jumping out of the water.
    With all bases it would be awesome if you could have control of base lighting. The ability to switch lighting or power to different modules would be useful. This could be controlled from the control room or localised switches. Being able to change the colour would be great as well.
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    Niech subnautica Below zero będzie za darmo, z
    większy to popularność gry
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    Czemu zrobicie z Subnauticą: Below Zero tego samego co z Subnauticą, dajcie ją na Xbox Game Pass.
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    parallel processing units are in the Mercury crash.

    I used the Prawn suit far more than the sea truck. I think that one is just a matter of preference.
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    I really missing the "Cyclops". I understand, that the original "Cyclops" may be to big for "Below Zero", but wouldn't it be possible to add a smaller version of the "Cyclops" in "Below Zero"? I loved all the possibilities you you had with it - lights on/off (inside), adjusting the power - and I really loved the engine in the "Cyclops" and its hologram.
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    For sub zero I was working on a rifle platform tool that will shoot torpedoes and a custom grenade made from materials in-game.oixpj5s9ivxj.jpg
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    It also has a hostile tracker that locks onto hostile targets, I thought that this would be usefull in terms of self defense like the torpedo bay on a prawn suit but with a tracker.
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    Td5, I miss the cyclops too but there is an option for the devs to add one, this is what I found...cbujrz7v7oti.jpeg
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    It would be small, fast, lightweight, strong, and it could be attached to the seatrucks charging holding bay.
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    Nice xD that's awesome
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    The PathFinder tool is a great idea, that would be better if you could delete individual waypoints as you backtrack :D
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    I was actually hoping the Prawn Suit would have a floating retraction mode so that it could function like a Seatruck. Or a Seatruck that has arms and can mine like a Prawn Suit.
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    There is little point to most of the prawn suit additional arms and such in this game. I understand keeping them from the last for ease of developing. However they need to have a purpose within both story and environment otherwise they're unnecessary clutter.
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