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Good afternoon Subnautica Team,

Firstly I apologize for sending this publicly. I have sent this through email however I've received an automated reply saying basically no human being was going to read it so here I am. I wish I could keep all the criticism private as I don't like criticizing other people's work publicly. But I really don't have much choice now so please forgive me.

I'm reaching out because unfortunately I did not enjoy Subnautica Below Zero at all. Where I enjoyed over 400 hours of fun in the original subnautica, the Below Zero episode is just disheartening for me to see. So much so that even pushing myself I could barely play it less than 3 hours since I bought it, months ago. I've been trying to ask for a refund through steam and steam won't accept it because it's been too long since I purchased the game. However I think the little time I've been playing the game for is an honest proof of how I wasn't able to enjoy the game at all.

I don't know if you want any feedback at all. My point of view is that it is your game and you should do whatever you want with it. But several factors are really weighing in my strong dislike of the game. First the story telling is to me really not up to its predecessor. Forgive me for my brutal honesty, but the dialogues of the characters are just cringe to put it directly. To the point where it's hard not to directly close the game. The "jokes" are so not funny that it is painful, it's really really difficult to hear them and not want to instantly close the game because of how embarrassing they are. "We shared the same womb" like seriously, how is that supposed to be a joke? This is just one example out of many the writing is painful, really. To me to the point of being just unbearable. And to add to my dislike, you guys fired one of your employees for their personal opinion. That with the decision to just randomly put a black character, together with the beyond painful writing of the story makes me not want to support a company that firstly makes a very unlikable game frankly (please forgive me for my brutal honesty but it's true) and then doesn't even support their own employees, nor their own game characters.

The political part I could have overlook frankly even if it's a problem on its own, but the painfully cringe story writing is above what I can stand. Thus I would really appreciate if I could get my game refunded please.

Thank you


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    Boring text. Would you refund my time for reading it to the half? You mention that the decisions over the game falls solemnly on devs, so why do you complain though? You could tell them what you would like to see while supporting early acces as many of us did instead of writing this nonsense
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    I've played many games where the main character was not completely my cup of tea and still enjoyed the gameplay. I think it's impossible to create a realistic character that will be liked by everyone, just like it is for being a person in real life... But the main character in the Subnautica games is the marvelous world - don't you enjoy swimming through these magnificent environments, interacting with the animals, exploring and building?
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    For me the character decision and story narration is also disappointing. I felt free to explore a new world in the original subnautica, and I loved it. Now I have a defined (black/female) body and am constantly pushed toward alien artefacts. What the heck drove the developers to mess up a working game concept?
    In Below Zero there are so much less underwater bioms to explore and a "PITA" land experience instead.

    I played the game in EA and will play it after the final release, but it is so disappointing to see how a great game concept could be ruined by just the next game.
    I want no refund, but my thirst for a 3rd subnautica has been quenched thoroughly.
    I am not sure, what is worse for a game studio.
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    Having just completed (yet) another S1 runthrough (about 355 hours total) - I have to agree with this. BZ has awful plot holes, poor pacing and terrible dialogue. I've played as fas as you can in current beta, other than the blissfull times when your character is quiet, there's a *lot* of no-cal philisophical BS and very little interest in the main driver of the story (the dead sister?) She's covered in about 10 lines of dialogue and when the truth is revealed, it's a "oh well - I can deal with it" moment.

    I don't want a refund, I've already played a fair few hours as it's pretty and fun to base-build - just don't expect me to pre-order a third game, or rave about BZ the way I have done about S1 to any and everyone for years :)

    Should've kept the character largely silent like the fist game imo. And kept the 'moth...

    Being positive, I repeat I'd be more than happy to buy an expansion to S1 that delivered the big room / dividers / showers / jukebox etc to the original game.
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