Easy to fill plot holes.

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After a complete playthrough of BZ, I have some feedback on the storyline for the devs. (obviously spoilers below!)

First, great job so far! I very much like the overall story, and how it unfolds! But I think there are a few major plot holes the devs probably need to fill to make this ready for prime time:

1) There does not seem to be anything in the current story that explains the apparent evacuation of the planet by Alterra. On the contrary, the PDAs and audio logs left by the investigator of the accident (that killed Sam & Ivanov) imply an ongoing presence of Alterra following the accident. So where is everyone now? This is a MAJOR plot hole.

One possible story line is that the bacterium escapes the site and infects a number of key personnel, forcing Alterra to abandon and quarantine the planet until they can regain containment (much as the Architects did). Left on their own, the Alterra personnel are slowly picked off by aggressive fauna (but the enzyme 42 in the environment prevents the bacterium from spreading to indigenous life). In this scenario Robin must knowingly violate Alterra's quarantine to investigate her sister's death, and then neutralize the bacterium before Alterra can regain control of it. (In this goal Al-An would be a logical ally).

2) A related plot hole is why Sam didn't just neutralize the Kharaa bacterium. Marguerit's advice to blow up the entrance to the dig site (rather than just kill the bacterium) does not make any sense because they can (and ultimately do) just dig it back out again. There needs to be a deeper plot here.

As an example, perhaps there could be a side story for Parvan (disgruntled employee, industrial spy), which motivates him to sabotage the site and accidentally release the bacterium. Sam dies trying to stop him before she has a chance to neutralize the bacterium. Alterra covers it all up because they don't want to reveal the truth about the nature of their research.

3) The need for the Pengling robots needs to be better motivated and fleshed out. For example, maybe in the story they could play a key role in mining areas patrolled by aggressive land fauna. At the same time, you could make them more USEFUL to the player, for example giving them greater range (like a drone), and allowing them to explore, place thumpers, drill mineral deposits, or complete other tasks hazardous to the player.

Anyway, good luck with the rest of the game (still needs work, but I can see light at end of the tunnel!)


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