Plothole Fix for the miracle Kharaa survivor

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How did Marguerit survive the Kharaa?
First off, we do not know exactly how long it takes to kill someone, not a human. The only example we had is the player in subnautica, who never seems to be in too greater peril from it.
Maybe, aside from the pustules, it might not be terminal for humans, but it is terminal for the precursors due to their genetic splicing the DNA of 27+ species.

However, we do know that Kharaa is cured by Enzyme 42 - a stable version is found in the Sea emporer's offspring.
But the Precursors did manage to get a partial sample in the Peepers, right?

If the Reaper Leviathan that Marguerit survives upon, had a belly full of Enzyme 42 glowing peepers, perhaps she could have been cured partially?


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    The same way Enzyme 42 reached Sector Zero and cured all the Penglings, etc.

    I think the Sea Emperor telepathically explained to her offspring how urgent it was they release Enzyme 42 everywhere. As well as the Juvenile Emperors, the Peepers would also distribute the 'strong' Enzyme 42 just as they distributed the 'weak' enzyme; either on the instructions of the Sea Emperor or her young (we still see Golden Peepers after the cure is distributed).
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    I thought the same thing. She lasted 10 years without a stable source of Enzyme 42, unless there are alien vents in Sector Zero with arctic peepers carrying the enzyme too.

    I posited in my reddit post asking the exact same thing that the Reaper may have had enzyme 42 in its system and that's what kept Margie alive.
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