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So, the background music is not as good as the original. BUT the jukebox is really cool for creating a "home" atmosphere and I like the dynamic a lot.

I hate one of the songs. I almost want to start over and never pick that song up. I don't feel it is too much of a stretch to be able to choose what songs you want rotating through the jukebox. Is that a big deal?

Also, I heard rumors that Prunty (of FTL fame) was going to finish out the soundtrack for the game. Any truth to that? Would be fantastic if he could do what the sound guy for the original did. The ambient soundtrack MADE the first game in a way few other things could have.


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    Where can I buy the official album for the game released in February 2021? wze3hcvxn95i.jpg
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    Below Zero is going to be released May 14, 2021, so I don't think the soundtrack is out yet.
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