Seamoth Spontaneously Exploding

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This has happened twice already. Once it was just free-floating in the shallows, next it was docked in my Cyclops. No creature attacks. WTF?q790wma4hnp7.jpg
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  • kenpachi85kenpachi85 United StatesMembers Join Date: 2020-10-27 Member: 264994Posts: 22 Advanced user
    Holy shit what platform are you on console or PC? Ive experienced over a dozen bugs but havent seen this yet. Not doubting you though at this point i wouldnt be surprised if the girl from The Ring was waiting for me in my lifepod. This game is cursed and riddled with bugs
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    I had a weird bug where I undocked my seamoth from the cyclops, and got shot up straight in the air for hundreds of meters. After a few seconds I crashed back down in the ocean, but after that the seamoth's handling was weird (sluggish, couldn't strafe), and there were weird graphical glitches (almost all of the lighting effects were messed up). I even saved and restarted, but after a few mins of struggling to get anywhere my seamoth just blew up for no reason, after which all the glitches fixed themselves.

    I'm guessing it's a collision detection bug. In my case, the game seemed to think I was "stuck" under the map and blew me up to resolve it.
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    The extreme amount of bugs in this game really kill the vibe and make it much less enjoyable than it couldve been. After beating it 2x I realized just how frustrating it is and how tedious it is to play.

    Oh well there are much better games out there im playing rdr2 a lot now a game that is mostly bug free and allows actual freedom of movement across its world. Oh and you get guns and actually get to kill stuff that's trying to kill you. Subnautica feels like it was made by PETA or something and is so utterly lame in regards to combat.

    Subnautica runs just fine if you never leave the shallows. But dont move too fast across them you could end up quantum tunneling into the side of a wall.
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