How I survived original Subnautica (Spoilers Ahead)

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Spoilers ahead, read at own risk!
Also, not suitable for children, only for grown-ups!

Ok, I was just a stowaway on the original Aurora, from a completely different race, just impersonating my personality to get to know this race. My own species hails from the outer rims of the Selvella Galaxy, there are only 12 of us. We are a race of super-beings who can take all shapes we want and are far more intelligent than anything known. My race is only dedicated to further study and understanding. It's just me who got bored with all that and just started visiting lower species and live among them as if I'm one of them.

So, this is how things went: Aurora got shot down above a little stupid planet, just when I was enjoying certain contractual relationships with other crew members. We fell down on this planet, of course, all others died, being a whimpy species and not able to cope with anything. Only I survived.

I found out real soon that there was some source of disease on this planet, which had no impact on me whatsoever, and a big gun to prevent ships from visiting the place. I went to this base with the big gun. It was all so primitive. They had very rudimentary teleportation tech and also a failed doomsday device. These guys really didn't know what they were doing.

Even with the very limited resources I had, I just reverse engineered the teleportation arch. I made sure it would beam me to the other side of the universe, far far away from this galaxy. Then I made some changes to the doomsday device to make it work, but only to destroy this patch of the galaxy I was at.

During all this, which just took a few hours, tops, some kind of primitive fish tried to get in touch with me through a very base form of telepathic communication. This fish thought it was really special or something, while just being very very annoying. It just kept going on about the space between grains of sand and similar idiotic ideas, trying to sell it off like some kind of wisdom or something. So I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.

So, I set the doomsday device to 2 minutes, beamed me out of there through the teleportation arch to the Koligor sector, at the other side of the universe at a more than safe distance. There I started to impersonate a Koligorean. As you might know, Koligoreans have a very different kind of physics. They don't have this male/female type of procreation. They don't have breasts with wich they nurture their offspring, but instead they have magnetic shoulderblades. They nurture their children by magnetically attaching their young to their backs, shoulderblade to shoulderblade.

When they don't have offspring, they enjoy being together through magnetic fields under their shoulderblades. It's the way they have what you might call "sex". They lie down back to back with their shoulderblades against each other and create intense magnetic fields and play around with those. The more intense the magnetic field, the more pleasure. And this can go on sometimes for months.

So months later, I was having an orgasm with my newfound love, it was already going on for a few weeks on end. One achieves an orgasm when one reaches the highest level of magnetic field one can achieve. But then there arrived a message through news channels that some part of the galaxy had blown itself up. I was like: "Oh, really? How sad." In the meantime I was thinking: "Who gives a ... . Just don't interrupt the orgasm, we have at least one more month to go."

(Sorry if I insulted anyone, it's just that my imagination gets the best of me sometimes...)
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