Can't get achievements?

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Ok so I got the "Seamonsters" achievement first yesterday, even though I've found it before in earlier saves. Later that day I also found the alien thermal plant, but got no achievement. I haven't used any cheats at all, but clicked F1, F2 or F3 on accident. Could this have ruined the whole save? On that case, isn't there any way I can fix it? I tried a few solutions the internet told me about, like pressing F3 and disabling console(it wasn't for some reason?), close the game and reopen it, and I should be able to get achievements again, but n a h h h I can't get achievements anymore. Could somebody please help me?


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    It's great to be here with everyone, I have a lot of knowledge from what you shared, to say thank you, the information and knowledge here helps me a lot.
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