[BZ] Leveraging The already implemented accessibility highlighting to improve mineral scanner

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I was thinking I noticed the game has an accessibility feature to highlight interactable objects. I was testing it out and I thought why cant this mechanic be leveraged to improve the mineral scanner?

My idea here is that when the mineral scanner is equipped it will activate the object highlight function but only for objects in range and matching the current scan setting making them a bit easier to spot. Right now the mineral scanner is a bit obnoxious to use because it has no vertical bearing and you can be circling an area for a decent amount of time before realizing what you were looking for was either far above or below your location. I feel leveraging the already existing accessibility highlighting to give scan targets a user configurable highlight color would make the device just a bit more useful. I would feel like this should be a natural function of the device as the hab builder already interfaces with the users hud and there is no reason to expect the mineral scanner would not have the ability to interface with the users hud as well


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    Yep! concurred and buried into two of my walls of text.
    So it does need to be singled out and highlighted :D

    Modification 1) highlight the thing you are looking for

    an additional modification
    Modification 2) highlight the outcrop with the ore you are looking for.

    BZ has a lovely feature over OG Subnautica, the outcrop content is limited to 2 materials and not 3 AND the outcrops are spawned (usually) in pairs.
    Because of the RNG coin toss (usually), Titanium will be in one and Ore in the other, and because they spawn in pairs, the chances are you generally get the ore you want and some titanium.
    Depending on storage capacity and air-gauge ticking down, sometimes you don't want the titanium.....sometimes you ONLY want the titanium :D
    However, such a feature depends entirely on how the game world is programmed
    Such as :
    If Outcrops are spawned as unique persistent entities with their actual content is defined (ore || titanium) at their instantiation then such a feature would be possible.
    However, if the outcrop content is decided by RNG based at the very moment the player cracks open an outcrop, then such a feature would not be possible because now all the outcrops you scanned must be consistent from the start of the game until the end.
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