[Audio] Metallic clicking sound when walking

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There is a very annoying metallic click sound that seems to mix-up with the footsteps. Here's a video, I removed all the audio to keep only the sounds that we cannot control: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HxknEM_6Gx8aNPihysqQkJw63SqDY5sL/view?usp=sharing

If there's a quick fix that I can do or anything to try, let me know.
It appears to be on all of my games as well as old ones. It didn't occured last time I played (like 6 months ago).

May be a bad connection in Wwise or something like that.


Ver. Jul-2020 65786


  • rottenpeeper420rottenpeeper420 Join Date: 2021-03-23 Member: 268451Members
    same thing happened to me, I got it on the xbox one about a year ago, and I got the glitch around 10 hours in and I stopped playing because of it. i just got a gaming pc and installed subnautica and it happened to me again. its driving me crazy
  • ArcherMR04ArcherMR04 Join Date: 2021-03-28 Member: 268556Members
    Same. It's incredibly annoying. If any of the devs read this, please, for the love of God, fix this. It's genuinely painful.
  • HueboHuebo Join Date: 2021-04-04 Member: 268783Members
    Please god devs fix this, the sound is so loud and annoying it's unplayable
  • qqqbbbqqqbbb Join Date: 2021-04-10 Member: 268960Members
    Yeah, very annoying
  • FoxonIceFoxonIce Join Date: 2021-05-08 Member: 269820Members
    I have the same thing. I keep wanting to play subnautica again because it's an amazing game but I can't stand even being in the cyclops (my favorite thing in the game) because CLICKITI CLICKITI CLICK
    not sure if I remember the carl wheezer clenched cheek walk animation but that coulda been there before.
    It feels like this was added on and not a glitch to make your gear sound like it is jiggling around? It's horrible and ear piercing. Idk why they even felt the need to add it because this is added waaay after the game was finished.

    Conspiracy time: they want you to play their new subnautica game instead. I hope this isn't true because I like this company's game but...why isn't this even being addressed in the forums? If it is, please give me a redirect cus this is the only relevant search on google.
  • narfblatnarfblat Utah, USA Join Date: 2016-05-15 Member: 216799Members, Forum Moderators, Forum staff
    I got that odd click back in early access, probably when they first added sprinting.
  • doogledoogle Sherwood Forest Join Date: 2021-05-13 Member: 269982Members
    That noise has been in the game since I started playing long before below zero was announced. I'm pretty sure it's an easter egg style nod to the weapon dealer guy (Gary Oldman) from The Fifth Element movie, as he makes a very similar noise when he walks.
  • AXXDAXXD Mexico Join Date: 2021-05-16 Member: 270183Members
    Thought I was the only one annoyed by this noise....GEEZ!!!!
  • MarsdendMarsdend Join Date: 2021-05-19 Member: 270356Members
    Huh, I also got this noise but never though of it as a bug. I just assumed it was part of gameplay, but now that I think about it, I think I prefer walking WITHOUT the clicking.
  • FoxonIceFoxonIce Join Date: 2021-05-08 Member: 269820Members
    I must have been high on bath salts or something for 230 hours of gameplay, I do NOT remember this sound being in the game. I played back when you could still dig the dirt. I've walked around many times in this game. Last three chances I gave it I had to stop for the same reason. Guess I'll just buy below zero at this point. I watched a twitch stream of below zero and heard NOTHING. It has to be a bug, some kind of audio file glitch or a marketing tactic. IDK IDC I WANNA SWIM WIF DA FISH PLOX
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