Nightmares in my base

KiarraKiarra London UKMembers Join Date: 2020-08-26 Member: 263569Posts: 2 Fully active user
I am a bit late to the party as I had never heard of Subnautica until a friend mentioned it in passing. Holy moly, what a game! This is full of surprises and here is one of them. Im taking my time with the playthrough as I am a bit of completionist. I am also playing blind, so learning the hard way, relying heavily on the scanner to find stuff. I usually plonk down a fast base with scanner room and bio converter and see what comes up. I thought I had done all wrecks, but they still keep popping up, so really pleased when something new comes along. And this was new... It is just 2m 30s long, so enjoy.



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