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Hello subnautic team, I apologize in advance for my English, I hope it is possible to understand, I am a big fan of you, the first subnautic I consider a masterpiece of games, I have been following games for over twenty years, so I would like to leave a simple suggestion about the subnautica below zero, what I am going to request seems a simple thing but it became something very bad in below zero, there is a huge amount of things that collide with the sea truck, including fish, and the collision sound this same vehicle hitting walls is something deeply irritating, subnautic for me it has the characteristics of a suspense game, however with great touches of relaxation, it is simply beautiful, but the below zero is complicated when a bell rings all the time in its head, the caves are narrow because the best pilot you become becomes a storm, so I suggest that the collision sound be revised or changed, or at least a volume bar to be decreased, or a box to enable or disable this sound, the number of creatures that cause a collision is very high too, they are small things but they weigh a lot if you want to spend hours playing. big hug the subnautic team is another suggestion.
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