Some creature location suggestions

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Noticed the recent addition of squidsharks to the deep lilypad biome, and I gotta admit... they really don't suit it. Honestly I don't care for them in the lilypad biome either. They're a better fit for tree spires, the deep arctic waters like around the caldera and jellyfish areas, and the crystal caves because their dark colours and large size make more sense in those biomes imho. (I think putting the jellyfish in the deep twisty bridges instead of the squidsharks would be cooler too. Their appearance suits the colours down there and since you have to go straight down to get in, seeing a bunch of eyes staring up through the darkness would be freaky af)

I think putting a bunch (like a buuuuunch) of lilypaddlers in the deep lilypads would not only look better, it would be even more hazardous than an actual predator. Imagine having to swim around a whole colony of lilypaddlers when you don't have enough vehicle upgrades to get back to air quickly, but you keep getting lsd'd and spun around, disorienting you completely while it's already hard to navigate down there, and the undulating mushrooms, curtains of flowers, and thick pollen would look absolutely crazy if you're constantly tripping balls. Even when you are able to get the truck or prawn down there, you still have to get out a lot to make sure you're going the right way and not getting yourself stuck. With just one or two squidsharks swimming around like they're also hopelessly lost, (what would they even be eating?? Food chains are important! Same for ghost leviathans.) I'd probably just kill them, and I really don't like having to feel like I need to kill something just to make a location bearable to explore. Lilypaddlers on the other hand would make it a worthy challenge that also enhances that beautifully weird labyrinth (it's one of my favorites, easily, and the peacefulness of it makes it eerie instead of boring if you ask me)


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    Thanks for the best idea and i like it.
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    The squidshark skin color might not be the best match for the lily biome, but the creature still makes sense there.

    Squidsharks are medium sized predators (larger than brute sharks) with a rather low threat level. They wouldn't make sense in a barren deep sea biome where you expect larger predators nor would they fit into smaller, narrow biomes.

    They're better suited for semi-open areas - one of which is the lily biome. The biome invites the player to use the PRAWN to 'jump around'. The electric squidshark tentacles that can temporarily disable any submarine are therefore a fitting counterbalance without imposing a real threat.

    In regard of the jellyfish. I absolutely love the idea to place them in the deep twisty bridges, a good alternative to Subnautica's stinger plants. And they make more sense than skeleton fish.

    But for me, there are a few considerations.

    First, their upward view angle only makes sense if there's enough space above them. Which is why they they make most sense at the bottom of the central cave.

    Their shifting bioluminescence might not fit 100% to the otherwise static nature of the surrounding and might give away one great visual ideas early on. So maybe, the vent gardens and the vent garden biome could receive some visual upgrades instead (I for one hope to see a return of the membrane trees in Below Zero).

    Last but not least, the jellyfish currently creates quite an annoying/irritating sound that wouldn't really fit to the deep twisty bridges. IMO, this should be a quite cave with no more than a few earie sound effects.
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