Daynightspeed (cheat has a minor base charge bug) Below Zero

AquatarkusAquatarkus RI-USAMembers Join Date: 2015-08-02 Member: 206674Posts: 55 Advanced user
I like to play in daylight all the time, so i use the daynightspeed cheat, but there is an issue with charging the bases.
If i put any sort of power plant in a base with that cheat running, the base's charge time is ridiculously slow. (daynightspeed 0.05)
I have to go back to normal time speed so that the base charges up quickly, then use the "day" and "daynightspeed 0.05" all over again.
Looks like the power plants are tied to the day and night clock counter instead of the normal game motion clock counter.

Granted it is a minor annoyance and not a big bug issue, but would be nice to fix if the fix is easy enough.
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