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Subnautica addict here. I play it every couple of days even though I've beaten it more times than I can count. My kids and I play on Xbox and PC and we have different save files going for different things we want to do.

So when Below Zero was announced, I decided to jump in and test the waters (pun intended). What I found, even in an unfinished state, wasn't something that I got excited about, which made me think about the future of the series, if there is one. These are the things I would like to see in a future game, based on my experience in both Subnautica and Below Zero:

1. Return to a predominately water-only game.
  • The mysteries underwater are so much better to explore when you're feeling unsafe. We're land creatures, we have a natural affinity to explore on foot. Put us underwater, and things change drastically. The verticality of movement, the unknown dangers, the thin shell (glass!) between life and death... these are dangers we don't experience on land.
  • Water made the OG game unique. Land, meh. There are millions of games, with better land gameplay implementations. Please don't forget the title of the series. Subnautica should be predominately an underwater game; not 50/50 water/land as it seems in BZ.
2. If you return to the water, make more biomes and make them bigger. I was shocked at how small the Twisty Bridges biome was. Including the deeper sections; it was explored so quickly. And the rest of the game is the same; small biomes, small underwater sections, with the map dominated by too much land.
3. Go deeper! The max depth in this game is disappointing. The original game had enormous biomes which took ages to explore and then an entirely new world the further down you went. This one? Wow, the fabricator caves for example, is amazing but let down by it's tiny size and that it's only 950m deep. I miss the days of 1400m deep biomes. I thought games should be "bigger and better" in sequels. This one is smaller :(
4. Dynamic weather is nice, please keep that going forward
5. Graphic improvements, top notch.
6. Base improvements, that's awesome. I love the bigger bases, and also the easier requirements to craft some items (like Plasteel)
7. A "snap" feature to align things like wall lockers. It triggers my OCD to build lockers out of alignment next to each other! :)
8. The seatruck needs to be destroyed. Utterly. Burn it, melt it, turn it to slag. Long Live the Cyclops. I stopped building additional modules for the seatruck, because even with the HP and power upgrades, it's the worst thing in the world to drive.
9. Wait, did I say the seatruck was the worst thing to drive? No that's wrong, it's the snowfox. This thing gives me motion sickness. At least I don't get that with the seatruck, mainly because it moves at a snails pace, and you can't get motion sickness from standing still.
10. More leviathans, please. The Chelicerate is really not that threatening compared to the ones in Subnautica. Plus there are too few dangers in the map. The next game should have more threats from leviathans. Oh, the Shadow Leviathan is awesome. That one was a top notch inclusion.
11. And speaking of leviathans, it'd be awesome to see them roam big distances. Make them move across biomes. Not just twist around like spaghetti in a tiny area. I'd love to see them appear in areas that I thought were safe. They're big animals, which in the real world, means they need big areas to navigate. Please do the same in the game.
12. I feel leviathan animations need a lot of work. This was true from both Subnautica OG and BZ. All they do is twist around in small circles. They should turn slower, roam bigger distances and move more naturally for their body shapes.

They're my thoughts. You might have different ones, that's cool!


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    Personally, I'd like to see a game set in the same universe as Subnautica, but not necessarily water-themed.

    I really like the concept of exploring alien environments and space in general, and the atmospheric existential dread that comes with all that. An ocean planet is great for establishing that feeling of helplessness and cosmic smallness.

    But so is standing on a tiny planet that snows flurries of frozen methane, with a tiny-ass gravity well, where losing your footing means hurtling out into the black void. And then you look up to see a gas giant dominating the entire view of 'sky.' And your oxygen will still be running out and need to be managed. Space itself can be pretty bleak and terrifying and I'd like to see more of the universe where humanity is colonizing the stars, Alterra is this banal face of evil megacorp and the aliens build these cyclopean eldritch structures.

    You hear colorful tales about Craig McGill and how he tamed starwahls in a survival scenario similar to yours and then later hear Paul Torgal mention how he hauled starwahls as a trade good. So I wouldn't mind playing some other survivor in some other situation, then hear passing references to the survivors of 4546B.

    For example, game taking place in the a semi-stable upper atmosphere of a gas giant would be pretty fantastical if unrealistic. Crushing gravity wells down below. Whipping and deadly storms in different "biomes." Over yon horizon you see a deadly vortex and crackling lightning. And truly alien lifeforms populating the place. And you'd have to pop across different numerous miniature moons that barely even merit the distinction.

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    7. A "snap" feature to align things like wall lockers. It triggers my OCD to build lockers out of alignment next to each other! :)

    There is mod for this:

    Subnautica + BelowZero:
    SnapBuilder - Snap-to-Grid for Subnautica

    Would've posted links but I have to be around for a little while longer before I can post links...
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    i agree and disagree with a couple things here. first, things i agree with:

    1) water based. youre absolutely correct here. subnautica is meant to be played underwater, and the only parts of the game i find myself returning to, are underwater biomes. the land biomes are fine, but in a future game, id prefer them to be kept at the level of the first game, or even less.
    2) bigger biomes. while i think the smallness of the biomes is an issue, its underlying an even bigger issue, which is that there isnt anything to do in the biomes, which makes them FEEL smaller than they are. part of what made the lost river feel so freakin enormous, is that there was a MASSIVE amount of stuff to explore within it, most of which didnt even pertain to the main plot. that aspect is totally missing, even from the larger biomes like the crystal caves.
    3) seatruck. while i personally think the seatruck is cool, i 100% agree that the cyclops needs to come back. having a giant mobile actual submarine felt insanely cool, and i REALLY miss having that huge thing by my side. it added to base aesthetic, it helped move the prawn around, could be used in 10 different ways (mobile base, upgrade station, storage, etc), and was overall superb. i think the seatruck is fine, but it cant be the REPLACEMENT for the cyclops, only an addition.
    4) more leviathans. i do want more leviathans, and i LOVE the idea of having them circle the map instead of stay in one spot, but it has to be done in such a way that you dont just randomly come across a leviathan, before youve built your repair tool, or scanner. make them circle the EDGES of the map, the outermost biomes, and then this is a great idea.

    couple disagrees:
    1) dont think the snowfox is bad. its kinda fun to speed along the land like that. the issue here lies more with the first point, in that subnautica should be a water game, not with the snowfox.
    2) seatruck is definitely not bad. It feels like something that maybe should be simplified (maybe have just a storage module and a fabricator module), and then added IN ADDITION to the cyclops and prawn suit. maybe even a seamoth and new submarine as well. the key here is that it cant be the REPLACEMENT for any of these, only an addition.

    overall agree with most of what was said though, hopefully we get a third game in the first place. :)
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