New bug tracker for Below Zero

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Hello everyone! One of the first things I did when I joined the studio as QA Lead was identify the need for a proper bug tracking database. After a lot of talk, research and set up, I launched Jira for the studio with the first project being Below Zero that will use this new tool. That being said from a little bit of time bugs will not be publicly viewable. Jira isn't really set up out of the box to do that but fear not we do have one of our engineers working on a solution that will make the database viewable again by the public.

Us moving to this new tool is going to help us as we work toward bringing Below Zero to release, it is faster and easier to use for the devs. When the work is done to make it public once again we will update everyone on where to go so that you can see it. For now Favro is still there and bugs we were looking at are still up but you won't be able to see new ones or what is actively being fixed. Task tracking is still being done in Favro, so if you go to the site to see what new tasks have been added you can still do that


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    Ugh, we use Jira, I hate it... only cause we use Bitbucket too. Github and anything but Jira.
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    Github and anything but Jira.
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    I believe the community input tool you are looking for is Atlassian Confluence, or at least it was last time I implemented a Jira Install, which was a long time ago now that I think about it. 2012? Anyway they had a Jira integrated tool, but I've mostly seen small studios just roll a custom web form that inputs into jira ...
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