Subnautica - you have blown me away

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I wanted to name the subject of this post "You have ruined gaming for me", but that title could be viewed negatively without proper context and this is supposed to be a few words of thanks/encouragement.

My name is Lloyd, and I have been a gamer for 25+ years now. I discovered Subnautica about a month ago, and recently finished it for the 3rd time, and now that I have finished my 3rd run I literally do not know what to do with myself (starting a 4th would not be wise). The reason I don't know what to do (and I say you have ruined gaming for me) is because it was such a deep, rich, & exhilarating experience that it makes any other game I try to play just seem dull and uninteresting now. There simply aren't other games out there that can provide a similar experience (and believe me, I have spent dozens of hours reading reviews and playing demos in my search).

Simply put, Subnautica combines the best aspects of gaming that make games fun: a sense of adventure, mystery, & a world full of beauty, surprise, & horror. Combine that with a mystical story filled with lore that waits to be discovered rather than be spoon-fed to you, and an absolutely epic soundtrack, and you have a game that (as far as I'm concerned) should go down in the gaming hall of fame as one of the greats.

It's not perfect, and sure there are bugs, room for improvement, etc, but that's true of any game. Its not since the days of Deus Ex and Baldur's Gate that I have had such deeply rich gaming experience - you should all be *incredibly* proud to have created something that is at the very least as good as the very best out there.

I literally cannot wait for Below Zero, but at the same time I am also afraid of its release - not because I fear it will fall short (I know it won't), but because once its over I fear sinking back into this depressing feeling of "everything else is mediocre" that I now find myself in.

Until then, I will just have to keep the experience alive by reliving it through friends and family. I already have my wife (who isn't historically a gamer) and nephews playing it.

So thank you Subnautica Team - thank you for creating a game so magnificent that its left me feeling depressed and bored in its absence :p

Kind Regards,
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