The Sheer Joy of Subnautica

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I finished the original Subnautica last year. I've tried Below Zero earlier, but haven't tried the recent versions.

What I do remember strongly from originally playing Subnautica was the sheer joy of those first dives into the watery world. I don't think they can give the true feeling of physically diving, but the bright environment, glowing even at night, was a joy to swim through.

I don't remember getting the same feel from Below Zero. Setting up in a subsurface drop pod also detracts from this too. I'd also encountered the irritants of Below Zero, those damn beasties that steal your tools and I found impossible to follow to get them back.

I'll have to try Below Zero soon again.
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    The Safe Shallows were probably my favorite zone in the original game. I totally agree with you on that feeling of wonder when you first get in the water.

    I also agree with you about Below Zero lacking that feeling when I first tried it, but the intro to the game has changed a /lot/ since then. Now I get a heart-pounding thrill of fear/excitement from it. Very different, but I am really digging it. Also getting into the water for the first time feels much better since the new start sequence.
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    I love the trill of exploring the alz
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