Creative idea about base usage!!!

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This game is VR right, i don't know if first Subnautica is still in development. But i thought building base, once you complete game is boring AF! There is simply nothing to do with it. Just imagine: if people could watch TV and movies in submarine base, or do programming, chat, read, or go relax there, etc. I thought that would be pretty cool! Or some mode: when they have to build and repair base and do maintenance tasks, like people, which train to go to mars. Something like repairing ship to go off planet - survival mode. Where you have limited time and you have to gather resources, repair bases and ship, survive predators and coordinate etc. Maybe like Subnautica mmo VR, which wouldn't be boring AF, as normal mmo games!

I think this game is great, given it is just indie, or small studio doing it. I think it shame, it doesn't have mods: which would add locations, or more story. If this game would have re-playability, i think it would be awesome!
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