(Spoilers) Story Suggestions for wip Salad Days final Act (which is obviously wip)

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So for the first time, I got to build AL-AN and then followed the directions to the "Phase-gate" and had a happy early access player reward, we come to the base that we "used" to start at, which is, of course, covered in the avalanche, which all makes sense with the original story being repurposed as the "back-story" so to speak.

I would like to forward a number of suggestions to your super competent staff, who probably have had this covered months ago....
There are some interesting parallels one can draw upon with the original subnautica story.

The original story had the mysterious precursors imprison the Sea-Empress. And set up thumpers around the prison/research facilities and even took one of the eggs away to a different facility to study. This facility suffered a containment failure when it was attacked by the sea-dragons.

Now from the shown WIP-state, I got to learn that AL-AN wasn't just one of the precursors on the planet when it happened, but that he was the head researcher in-charge of the study, and failed to prevent this catastrophe, resulting in the possible extinction of his race, which had gone radio silent in the years gone-by.
And from this, I can only assume, adding salt to the wound, AL-AN finds out that these inferior humans got given enzyme 42 on the whim of the sea-empress, which she had denied the precursors as they "did not play" and "did not understand".

So from a gameplay "gating" standpoint, for me it's a hard sell that this Research Base Zero is magically hidden from the players from the start of the game until the very end - I can buy that the phase gate is *ahem* gated until we have ALAN built due to the magic handwavium of precursor tech, sure, but not the Altera base, with all the alarms blaring and clearly a presence of equipment would indicate where it is.
The base could be "gated" off by the defence satellite tracking system giving the player more incentive to deactivate the tracking-uplink.
I assume the clever humans use the Phase-Gate to teleport out to avoid trouble, hence the missing personnel, and ALAN rescues them for us at the end of the game.

I also felt like The spy-pengwing, the ice-worm and the snowfox was going to get a final show-down. Using spy cam to get into places in the base the player can't, could be of cool (on-paper).

ALAN's Redemption arc
Here comes Epic conclusion for ALAN and Rob-AN.
Research Base Zero is covered by an avalanche - yes, but it was the Ice-worm that caused it.
Destroyed thumpers surround the Alterra base but yet this defence perimeter failed much like the precursors did, by a arrogance of technology and underestimating wildlife.
The snow-stalkers, which started to move into the area due to the lack of the ice-worm, destroyed some of the thumpers/power source to the thumpers, thus letting the ice-worm into the perimeter to reek havoc on the base.
ALAN see that the human despite their "luck" with the enzyme 42, were just as fallible as his own race by trusting technology and underestimating natures natural currents.
His greatest regret was not understanding the Empress's desire for communication, to play, to explore, which could have saved his people.
But the inferior human could, and with his time spent with ROB-AN, he finally understood why. After being back in his own "body" he realised something was missing.
The storage mediums were designed for usability and undesired biological signals could be negated/muffled such as hunger, thirst but also fear, panic and thrill, excitement, making him and his race Deaf to the sea-empress.
Sharing Robin adventure in her own storage vessel, fighting to survive and hunting for clues to save her sister and Alan himself, taught him a valuable lesson (*snigger* in what it is to be hugh-mahn...sorry but we have to go there) to listen to such feelings, to enjoy the playful desires of exploration, to swim with the whales as they flow with the current.
So he has a parting request, a blood sample from Robin, to incorporate part of her endocrine system as a part of his future iterations allowing him to continue to feel what it is to be human. And maybe give his species a chance to explore the universe in new ways, to explore what it feels like to be a peeper, or a snow-stalker, to enjoy simple existences of others in order to understand and to hear them better.

This realisation led to him incorporating some of the ice-worm DNA into this body, to understand it better and to communicate with itand save Roban in a God/like hand-wavium manner when all hope was lost.

From Red-Dwarf series 3:
Is this the human value you call...friendship?

Don't give me that Star Trek crap, it's too early in the morning.

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