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Hello subnautic community, I'm Brazilian so I apologize for the English, but I would like to comment here that I became a great admirer of this game, I have been involved in computer games for at least 20 years, and I saw enormous potential in subnautics, so I would like to give my contribution with some comments and suggestions to the developers.

First I would like to make the most important general comment to the developers, which is the following: subnautica 01 was fantastic for me, mainly because of the simplicity of its gameplay and of a simple but very nice graphic; trying to make everything very real can put an end to the next versions of subnautics, so keep in mind that what is captivating is simplicity, and intuitive and simple interfaces, never forget your own formula for success.

Finally, I have two suggestions:

01 - It would be interesting if there was some kind of panel where we could see photos of all creatures of the game aquatic and terrestrial, and as we were scanning new species they would be lit up in this panel, this way we would know that we have reached the end of a collection or no, that would expand the objectives of the game, as the so-called archiviments in other games, if that is not possible (I think it is something simple) at least show a number of marine and terrestrial creatures and how many of these creatures have already been cataloged by our scanner, example 43/120 aquatic. The pad shows the scanned creatures, but we have no idea how many more we should look for or if the search is over, I see this as a great expansion of the game's objectives, which can only be done with a quantitative idea because nobody will look for something forever .

02- very useful would also be a complete map of the island, all covered in shadows, with the name of the biomes, and as we were exploring this map the areas would be shown in green, as the RTS maps work (EX: Starcraft 2 ), the objective would be to ensure that we cover all possible areas of the island.

I hope my suggestions are well understood and a big hug to the subnautic community and developer team.
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