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Hello Subnautica,
I have been playing Subnautica everyday for a week and I love it.
I make sure to save the game any chance I get, and I save it before I leave every time. Today, when I logged on to play, my game said “damaged save” and reset me all the way to the beginning! After I had gotten so far and spent a lot of hours on the world! I am 100% positive that I saved the game before I got offline, but the game file got corrupted or something and reset me all the way to the beginning. I am extremely upset, and no longer want to play because I have no desire to begin all the way from beginning. This same problem has occurred multiple times, and, fortunately, I liked the game enough to restart from the beginning. But now I’m fed up. Is there anything anyone can do to get me my progress back? Or any answers?
Thank you,


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    Same problem happened to me.
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    Same thing happened to me as well! The only difference is that it didn't say "Damaged save". The thumbnail of the save file was correct (up to my latest progress) in the memu, and I could load the save. But it started from the beginning when I launched the save file.

    This seems to be a common bug seeing how many people posted here about it. Will the developers ever fix it? I'm many hours into the game and it's so frustrating to pay for a game just to have your progress restarted for no reason, and having no response from the developers despite it being a common occurrence.
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    aconteceu comigo também, perdi tudo, como faz para restaurar
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    I have had this happen to me when the file becomes damaged there is no way to recover unless you have a backup of the save file on windows you can use File History if you have a second drive for the backup
    1. open the folder steamapps\common\Subnautica or steamapps\common\SubnauticaZero
    2. right-click on SNAppData -> Include in library-> create new library
    3. open Control Panel click on File History and enable file File History
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