Suggestion: "Make like base" option in moonpool vehicle upgrade console

GlassDeviantGlassDeviant TerraMembers Join Date: 2017-02-27 Member: 228342Posts: 218 Advanced user
As the title indicates, put a button on the vehicle upgrade console in the moonpool to make the docked vehicle the same colours as the base of which said moonpool is a part.

Better would be a way to save "themes", even make them independent of individual save files, but the above idea would be much simpler to implement.

Spinoff idea: Put a setting in the game options that makes truck modules adopt the same colours as the cab when they become attached, with an option to keep those colours or lose them when the cab is detached.

S.I.2: Able to set a default theme in a save. Every thing defaults to it, and truck moduels revert to it when detached unless the aformentioned setting to retain cab colours is set in options.
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