Story path seems to be broken in Salad Days

FrraksurredFrraksurred USAMembers Join Date: 2015-04-04 Member: 202960Posts: 126 Advanced user
Deleted my old save and started a new one in Freedom mode (as I have a dozen times prior). Went through the intro and started collecting resources, however I have been getting no advancement in the story. No notification of cache drops, no waypoints after finding PDA's, Sanctuary or Rocket island. Nothing. I still get the text dialogue associated with an area, but nothing more. I eventually enabled the console and teleported to places I knew used to progress the story, but that did not seem to jumpstart anything either. I don't know if I skipped something I was meant to find, but I never got any form of indicator as to what I was supposed to be doing from the beginning, so I'm more inclined to think there is a bug a broken code.

Anyone else experiencing this?
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