How about a cinematic adventure series set on planet 4546B with an OC character?

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That's kinda what I'm making, any thoughts?
Basically it's part 3 of 8 and I've been working on this as a hobby for over a year lol


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    like I said in the comments from the video: a little bit to much gameplay and a thing I put here because it's happening in more fan storys: OC's are great, but what I would love to see would be a Original story and not just a retelling with reactions.... there isn't much like it in the world take fanmade minecraft books as example.
    When it's a series you can tell at one point there will be a fight with the ender dragon... just because he is a big "bad" in the game.... I'm writing my own book and it has an army of friendly monsters in it....
    What I want to say is can we have more original stuff? like a ship that crashed before the degasi or that crashed later because of something else?
    Just needed to put this out here I like the ways fans give the MC more personality but it would be great to see something else from time to time B)
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