[Bug] save game corruption [63668]

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My games save file got corrupted then I uninstalled it and reinstalled it, it no longer said it was damaged. But it still is in survival mode and not freedom mode. First, turn on computer, then go to Xbox app, then, click play subnatica, then click play, then play subnatica, then save, then shut down computer, then turn on computer, then go to Xbox app, then click play subnatica, finally observe bug. P.S. I don't know how to find the save file given I don't play on steam.


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    Hey I'm new here in the forum and greetings first all ... I currently play Below Zero now have 103 hours of play and love Subnautica and Below Zero. So now to the problem, when I played the New Salad Update yesterday there was suddenly a crash in the game. Since it's early access, I wasn't surprised, so Game turned on again and then came the shock. Score is damaged stand in the selection after it was reloaded, no matter eight I'll just load it. In the game, everything was just away from the savegame. Of course, I was extremely annoyed because I had the day before. After the update was online had been ripping all night. So first look for a solution. Since I still haven't understood if and how to save the savegame, I just ask here in the forum if it is possible to save the savegame by means of the batch files, and whether i could perhaps help or explain how to do it. I watched a few tutorials on Youtube, and read through many tutorials and comments. But somehow I don't quite understand how to do it. Contacted support and wait for a response. I have not deleted anything all crash reports and files that might be important, together searched pictures made and saved. I haven't changed anything about the files or the files or the game. Everything is untouched just with a savegame about a month old to watch if the game is still running or crashing again. I hope there is someone here who can help me, I attach a pair of pictures and the staff log. If this is not enough or something is missing, I can send it immediately afterwards. Didn't want to fumble too much in the game folder so as not to make it worse. So if I can help i would be very grateful I have put a lot of time into the game so would be a great pity about it. I'm waiting now and I hope you can get it back. So please just get your PC in your sights. Thank you in advance for the multi-loan.

    Greetz Björn

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    Hello Subnautica,
    I have been playing Subnautica everyday for a week and I love it.
    I make sure to save the game any chance I get, and I save it before I leave every time. Today, when I logged on to play, my game said “damaged save” and reset me all the way to the beginning! After I had gotten so far and spent a lot of hours on the world! I am 100% positive that I saved the game before I got offline, but the game file got corrupted or something and reset me all the way to the beginning. I am extremely upset, and no longer want to play because I have no desire to begin all the way from beginning. This same problem has occurred multiple times, and, fortunately, I liked the game enough to restart from the beginning. But now I’m fed up. Is there anything anyone can do to get me my progress back? Or any answers?
    Thank you,

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    Greetings, I've had 18 hours of gameplay and made sure I saved the game before quitting every time.

    When I launched and loaded my save file earlier, it showed the correct thumbnail (of my current base), but the game made me start from the beginning (after the cutscene of lifepod catching fire)! All of my base, equipment and data were gone. I literally had to start from the beginning.

    I even checked the save file in the steam common directory, and the thumbnail there was correct was well (displaying my latest save, in my base), but still I had to start over when I launch the game. Anyone can provide solutions? Thank you.
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    65780 is also unplayable. Can't pick up any items but copper for some reason and all the cooked fish have a black cube as a texture. When will this be patched? I converted my main save to experimental for performance reasons but the game is impossible to progress.
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    também nao jogo pela steam, jogo no pc, adquiri pela microsoft store, e hoje o jogo voltou ao incio e apareceu "Jogo salvo danificado
    " g9ffqp8dar2z.png
  • hellohhelloh Members Join Date: 2020-06-23 Member: 262076Posts: 3 Fully active user
    is some sort of moderator or developer supposed to respond or something I have been waiting a year for this to be fixed?
  • whitebearspiritwhitebearspirit RussiaMembers Join Date: 2020-10-20 Member: 264853Posts: 2 Fully active user
    Oh I wanted to report a bug with saving during SeaTruck docking that ruined my progress completely.
    But looking at this thread it seems like I shouldn't expect any help anyway.
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    cellscache/baked-batch-cells is what I got on my last failed save issue and the rendering issues. I started a new game and I am using the developer console to get back what I lost. I am almost there. But if it has the same issues I am going to stop playing this for a while on PS4.

    I am thinking the cache must have a limit to cause this issue?
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    It kicked me and didn't save anything
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