2 bugs ???

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Alright-think this is serious bug......... I was at the Lava Zone ( inactive ) at the portal leading to the Mountain Island. I entered it to see where it is leading.

FIRST BUG ( i think ) - When i got out of the Prawn Suit,i was like a baby's size and the Prawn suit was crouching too. The Prawn Suit had an animation when crouching and i thought that (maybe ) it's something normal,for the Prawn Suit.......why am i the size of an ant ? MY,the character .

SECOND BUG-SERIOUS - As seen in footage,i started to record in the menu,because i wanted to get rid of the ant like character bug ( first bug ) so i reloaded last save,when it was ready,the Prawn Suit just began to go under ground,through the alien building and finally ( as seen in footage ) it just began to go into one direction.....never stopping .

Also,when i reloaded the game ( as seen in footage ), i pressed E like crazy to see if the Prawn Suit will be bugged again if i am NOT in it,you can see the results. Though the baby like size bug was still there.

QUICK NOTE : The baby like bug started BEFORE i entered the Lava Zone portal,in the alien facility .

QUICK NOTE 2# : Watch till end !

If necessary,i play on the Subnautica version 63668 ( v.63668 ) .

VIDEO - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OPj2JQoRzhF26XM-jSLjMiptLEBxG3CY/view?usp=sharing - what you think ?
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