Below Zero - Sea-Dragons around Island are far too loud.

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The central island has a BZ's version of a sandshark who loiter around the Main Island.
They look like super bad-ass, Sea Dragons and they sound terrifying.

The issue is that they sound TOO terrifying, too loud and too persistent that other threats and issues have difficulty announcing their presence with their own audio cues.
Well the prime example is, in the purple vents biome which is patrolled by one of those horrific squid things that will REALLY damage my SeaTruck or
straight up make krakenfodder out of me if I am without medkits and a fast means of escape or hiding.

But all I hear is radio Sea-Dragons, which I know m'ah 'Truck can handle, and then I found out I just awakened the Kraken, or one of my kids.....


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    These things ?
    f5ebvdlhbsel.jpg I agree, the Crypto-suchus are far too noisy for such small fauna, you'd think they were leviathans. Meanwhile, the far more dangerous Chelicerates make hardly any sound until they're chewing on you, and then it's too late...
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    Agrees they don't need the volume they have. That should be reserved for the leviathan.
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