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Below Zero adds some sanity by having dedicated and developer-controlled abilities of the "big vehicle".

The cyclops turned into a "build your own cluttered and Frame rate sabotaging mobile base".
Once you got some crops in there, Radio, first-aid-kit, lockers to store ores by types, and a some "quick build" for bases with bio/thermal/nuclear reactors and power-cell charger. The game was over.
So hopefully the Sea-truck can allow easier balance passes.

Since Below Zero is Work In Progress, there are some rough edges to the Sea-truck, and we don't have ALL the functionality in place.

One bottleneck for many is the seatruck balance between speed, power, the manoeuvrability - one personally I think can be solved by a "Thruster module" for the mobile vehicle bay.
The Thruster module chassis is effectively a small ring that joins 2 compartments together and has 2 of the big bulky thruster that we see on the cab.
The Thruster module chassis has hatches top/bottom to enter/exit.
a single power-cell slot on one wall, so they can keep whatever modules are attached powered,
and internally an uncoupling lever for all the modules that are behind.

The thrusters themselves would need to stick out on limbs so they don't interfere with the current "geometry of the adjoining modules".

And although the idea of having 5 booster modules attached to the cab and just "zip" around would be cool, I guess, we need some balancing.
So we are required to have a standard module compartment between them (?)
So the chassis for the thruster booster module is small, like the width of the player-model.
and the thrusters that are sticking out of the Booster modules chassis are physically longer than the "connecting" module chassis itself.
so one physically can not connect to two Thruster-modules together.

Hopefully, this will give us:
  • better speed when many modules are loaded.
  • better turn-rate (the origin of the turn is CenterPoint between the thruster ).
  • Easier module management
  • and keeping the lights/oxygen production going when the cab is not attached.

The second Bottleneck is "storage". - one I feel can be solved and balanced by adding 1 box wider and 1 box taller to both the big wall panels in the storage module.

Now on another Seatruck thread, someone asked for something else, if they could swap the foto in the sleeper module for a clock and add in windows in another module.
And it got me thinking.
There are many wall panels that are "un-assigned" (the game is still WIP and not all the games features are in-place).

Now I highly doubt the dev-team would create an in-game Design suite to customize and fabricate our own Seatruck modules.

But I think it could be fun for community members to envision different designs, using the existing modules, walls, panels and compartments.
So the sleeper truck could be customized to have a bed on one side, and the aquarium om the other.

The fabricator module has a BIG empty wall which I assumed
a computer screen read-out (for some not added functionality to the game), but in our head-cannon design tool,
we could have instead:
two overhead-lockers and the existing seat-locker, copying the wall of the storage compartment,
or double big lockers
or a maybe a window,
or an aquarium
or the bunk-bed.
or the planter
The Fabricator wall itself could house a footlocker underneath.

So mix and match, go wild and see what designs you can put together.

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